Asphalt is your best value

Asphalt pavement refers to any paved road surfaced with asphalt. Asphalt Pavement is a combination of approximately 95% stone, sand, or gravel bound together by asphalt cement, a product of crude oil.

Asphalt cement is heated aggregate, combined, and mixed with the aggregate at an Asphalt Pavement facility. The resulting Asphalt Pavement is loaded into trucks for transport to the paving site. The trucks dump the Asphalt Pavement into hoppers located at the front of paving machines. The asphalt is placed, and then compacted using a heavy roller, which is driven over the asphalt. Traffic is generally permitted on the pavement as soon as the pavement has cooled.

Life Cycle Cost

For the initial construction and over the long haul, asphalt pavement saves money on

construction and maintenance. That’s the conclusion of highway engineers and departments of transportation across the country. The “life-cycle costs”—money spent on road construction and maintenance over its lifetime—are significantly lower with Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) than with concrete.


The national survey found that drivers prefer well-maintained, safe, and smooth roadways; moreover they understand these qualities require periodic maintenance and financial investment.

Smoothness Matters

A national survey of motorists funded by the Federal Highway Administration showed that a smooth ride is the top priority of the traveling public.

The traveling public may be less aware, however, that smooth roads also save them money. Roughness has an adverse effect on vehicle operating costs such as fuel and oil consumption, tire wear, maintenance, and depreciation. Asphalt will consistently give the driving public the smooth, quiet ride they have come to expect. Smooth pavements save fuel, save vehicle operating costs, and last longer. Asphalt pavements are smoother and are easier to keep smoother than concrete pavements.

Asphalt Pavements are YOUR Best Value: For Roadways, Parking Lots, Airfields, Industrial and Recreational facilities. Don’t hesitate to call Bradley's Paving at (972) 827-7463. We are always happy to help our clients improve the curb appeal of their homes or businesses through quality asphalt surfaces.

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