Right Now Is The Season For Paving

Right now is the best time for asphalt paving installation, and the reason is very simple: Asphalt works best when laid down in warmer weather.

During winter months there is less time for our crews to work laying down the asphalt which makes it particularly difficult. Frozen temperatures during winter can cause unexpected damage to asphalt paved areas. Water can penetrate cracks and loosen the soil beneath. These cracks can eventually increase in size and eventually collapse.

The warm summer months make seal coating quick and easy. Drying is a quicker process and for that reason we also recommend seal coating during the summer months as well. When seal coating is postponed until the latter months in the year, the finished product may have deficiencies and imperfections that would be completely avoided in the summer months. In order for seal coating to cure properly, the temperatures should be above 50 degrees.

Crack repairs may be more easily done in the cold months, but always before snow arrives. The sun is very harsh on paved areas. You may even compare a seal coat in your asphalt paved areas as using sun block for your body. UV radiation will usually cause damage to asphalt and contribute to the development of cracks.

The more reasons you have to seal coat your pavement while the weather is warm and fill in any cracks before winter arrives. Seal coating prevents oil from seeping through to

the soil and serves as a barrier to prevent water from seeping underneath. It also protects against the harsh rays of the sun from dulling the look of your driveway or parking lot. It ensures that your asphalt paved areas are protected and are aesthetically pleasing to look at. Don't wait until the fall, plan accordingly, and contact Bradley's Paving today to schedule a completely risk free assessment.

Call today at 816-645-5515 or 972-827-7463. Bradley's Paving offers our 35+ years of experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Kansas City area.

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