Stop The Aging Process In Your Asphalt

Parking lots and other paved areas don’t last forever. They develop cracks over time. Some are small, while others develop into alligator cracks (yeah, they bite), sinkholes and full-fledged potholes. And many can be quite dangerous, making your parking and paved areas a potential hazard to cars and pedestrians.

Don’t ignore cracks! If you do, it may be too late to repair – and you’ll be facing an expensive replacement bill.

Fortunately, there is one vital thing you can do to protect your pavement. It’s called sealcoating. Sealcoating your paved areas on a regular basis is a must to maintain the integrity of pavement. Experienced property managers, owners and developers know that the best way to protect their paved areas is to have them professionally sealcoated every three to five years.

Here’s why you don’t want to wait:

  • Asphalt can wear down due to oxidation, causing cracks to form.

  • Cracks never get better – they only get worse.

  • As cracks spread and deepen, water can penetrate the surface to make your parking lot and other areas unstable.

Here’s why a regular sealcoating schedule will help your pavement last longer:

  • Inhibits surface oxidation and erosion

  • Prevents water from seeping to the asphalt base

  • Protects your pavement from the sun, chemicals, and oil and gas spills

  • Gives a good impression to employees, staff, customers, suppliers and visitors

  • Creates a smooth surface for parking lot striping and sweeping

A full replacement of your asphalt can be expensive. You can avoid that expense if you get it

professionally sealcoated now. In fact, all asphalt paving companies agree that it can only be done while the weather is warm – so now is the time to hire a professional.

Go take a look at your pavement now. Got cracks? Do something about it before it’s too late: Call Danny at 972-827-7463 or send us an email for a FREE onsite consultation. Let Bradley's Paving pave your way to a safe, stable, long-lasting parking lot and more.

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